Flick 2 Kick: A potted history of Subbuteo

It was the perfect timewaster for then pre-teens and tweens. My Dad pasted the green baize cloth onto a large piece of chipboard, around which was the fencing, stands, scoreboard, floodlights. Accessories would arrive in the post via a lot of saving up pocket money. I actually cut my right hand open eagerly opening a package I remember. A childhood photo here (you can tell it’s the seventies by the shirt!)… And how many times did your Mum hoover up your star striker or tread on the poor tiny heads, rendering them unfit for the trip to Blackpool? On our … Continue reading Flick 2 Kick: A potted history of Subbuteo

The Reading Festival / Revisited

With Glastonbury still reasonably fresh in the memory, my thoughts turn to the Reading Festival which this year takes place 23, 24 and 25 August. How many of the acts will I know? 2019 Line-up Very few to be honest but there is an overwhelming bundle of names to explore; The two major memories for me are from the nineties in Madder Rose and Solar Race, the latter of which the lead singer tragically took her own life (more later). There is sadly very little footage available online from those years but this was them and this rocked… However I … Continue reading The Reading Festival / Revisited