From The Other Side: What Gulls fans had to say…


Browsing their main forum (apparently there is another one run by an “arrogant twerp”), my impression overall was that TUFC fans are not happy that all the focus is on how poor Aldershot Town were and them not getting the credit they deserve for the magnificent win against a team who wouldn’t have scored if they’d carried on playing until midnight.

Also mentioned is the belief that this will be yet another season with the Gulls chasing Woking for the title!

Here are some selected quotes for you to make of them what you will – I’ll have my say!

Impressed with what I saw yesterday, despite, but that’s the worst Aldershot side I’ve seen.

I’d be interested in our fans view on this one – was THAT the worst Shots performance you’ve seen?

Well, chasing down Woking again – for now anyway. If Aldershot can win there I’m sure we can in 10 days but it’s a funny game.

It sure is. Personally speaking, I’d be surprised if either Torquay or Woking made the play-offs. (Smart thinking here- if both do better than that I’ll still be right).


Don’t think we are getting the credit – Its all very well saying Aldershot were poor but other teams have found them difficult to beat.

We’ve taken our four points off teams in the top four so… maybe – we’ve a debate going on amongst ourselves whether it’s the defence or the forward line that’s our main problem. We’ve not been trounced yet but in fairness, we might have been yesterday.

People (including loads of Aldershot fans on their forum) saying that Aldershot were appalling are doing Torquay a disservice. I genuinely didn’t think they were awful, they were just outclassed by a team that was well-drilled, disciplined and operating at a high-tempo. It wasn’t that Aldershot were awful, we just played very well.

I disagree there. I don’t think there is any doubt that the Shots were poor. Torquay barely had to lift a finger. I wouldn’t read too much into this result because you’ll easily get carried away.

Aldershot have only conceded 8 goals in 6 games so they are not rubbish.

The defensive unit isn’t the worst or at a complete standstill. I’m more worried about the midfield creativity, or lack if it and of course, the lack of goals.

I was disappointed with the gate. Thought it may have hit 3k. But I guess liverpool were on Sky. People may have been away for the Bank Holiday or may just have been too late for some people.

I’d love a gate of 2,500+ too. Still, being outsung by 200 away fans is something you must be embarrassed about.


Don’t think Aldershot were awful. Their gameplan was to disrupt us physically but we had enough quality to deal with it. l left the ground fairly late and when they came out for the warm down all the boys looked tired and a bit battered. They put in a great effort to get and keep the right to play the football they wanted to.

Probably the most concise comment I’ve read. I’m not sure we tried to muscle Torquay out of the game but second half we looked clueless, helpless and Torquay ran rings round us.

I don’t think you can big up the Aldershot side. Very limited, never looked like scoring, absolutely killed off by the two goals either side of half time. I think they will end up this season where they should have ended up last season, back in the NLS.

Thanks for that. It might happen and we had a reprieve yes and deserved to be relegated. But nobody ‘belongs’ in a particular league or has a divine right to be in a particular League either.

Aldershot may have been poor today, but do not forget they beat Woking at Woking (again), so are capable of winning.

One swallow a prostitute doth not make!

FT. Marvellous – an unexpected heatwave, a Torquay win AND Casualty on telly later. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

WTF? cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon … and on that note… to the manager…


TORQUAY United manager Gary Johnson admitted that Jamie Reid’s brilliant solo goal in first-half stoppage-time helped to change his interval team talk as the Gulls swept to a convincing 2-0 win over Aldershot Town in front of BT Sport cameras and a vociferous Plainmoor crowd.

Reid broke the deadlock with a show-stopping effort, his fourth in six games this season, before Opi Edwards added the second with a coolly taken opportunist effort in the 50th minute.

“Reidy had to score a wonder goal, and that took us into half-time a lot happier than we would have been if he hadn’t scored,” said Johnson.

“Credit to Aldershot – they are a decent, strong team, and they will win more games than they have done so far.

“I’m obviously very pleased, but it wasn’t without a little bit of worry along the way”.