ATFC 1-2 Barrow AFC: Optimism checked as Shots fail to deliver – yet again


Well let’s have it right (though I wouldn’t imagine an expansive queue of dissenters), today’s performance or ‘no show’ to use a finer description, on the back of a precious away win too, was just about as bad as it gets.

I had reservations about over-optimism, particularly with Barrow’s recent performance at Woking in mind, up against our shocking home form and penchant for giving away needless set-piece situations to the opposition.

Barrow could have won this by three clear goals and as an afterthought, the one positive thing I would say is that they probably won’t be in the relegation mix; with us, well, I think it’s too early to say but I hope we improve enough to climb away from danger though we’ve two tricky away games on the back of this defeat.

Started okay today, first 15 minutes was so-so, both teams feeling each other out and I was saying to Charlie, y’know, if we score first we can cane these.



I was among the first to get on Mullings’s back (gameweek three I think it was) but kept shtum about it, seeing as so many were keen to give him time and with opinions like “he just needs a goal”.

I’m not quite sure how he would achieve that. Just had a look at the match thread on Shotsweb (as far as page four anyway) and I’m not fully agreeing that he wasn’t interested as some were saying; more that seeing his performances week in, week out, I reached the verdict that he’s dining out on a decent scoring record – the problem is that when he does win a header there is just no understanding from the attacking players where the ball will go, who it will go to, no-one making the runs needed to sustain an attack.

That first half, he tracks back from where he should be deep into midfield and just gets in the way of everything. I’d have hauled him off at the break and put young Fletcher into the fray there and then. And for someone Shamir’s size, there’s really not much prowess and productivity.

It got to the stage second half where most of the East Bank cheered when he got taken off (and a pat on the back again for you Eastbankers who continue to give the team the most raucous and passionate support in the league).


And moving away from Mullings, how is it that we have to be two goals down before suddenly transforming into side that looked dangerous and could have had two or three goals before time was called?

Their first goal, you could argue it was a bit flukey but not that it wasnt thoroughly deserved. It’s worrying too that we that bother to attend week in, week out can see the same repeated mistakes but have a manager who either isn’t seeing them or, if he is, doesn’t do anything to correct them.

What did DS say to them at half time? It didn’t seem to have any effect and motivation and improvement only changed after Mullings was relieved of his profligacy.


I thought Fletcher had a good look about him and he got stuck in; even wanted to take the penalty apparently and perhaps he should have done.

I went close to the goal down at the front of the East Bank. Saw it was Shields going to take it and said “you know he’ll miss it” to fans nearest me and of course, he duly did.

Let’s take a few lines from the ATFC report:

Ethan Chislett clawed a goal back for the North-Hampshire side.

Can’t get this at all. What the fuck? Why are they describing us like we are some third party? North-Hampshire side? We are Aldershot, something they are clearly embarrassed to state. duh

Josh Kay eventually made it onto the scoresheet after his first goal was disallowed.

Yes, it was clearly offside but perhaps the line-o was blind to it – still shouldnt have taken one of our lot to point it out for him to consult with the ref and reverse the decision though. Mind you, Barrow ought to have been in front by then anyway.

Barrow were gifted their second goal from Hunt when a miss-kicked clearance gave Kay the goal.

As I wrote on ShotsWeb the Barrow fans must have thought Christmas had come early. Total schoolboy defending, comedic had we not been at the receiving end. A cruel goal to concede but so typically a common one.

As someone else put it, has we salvaged a draw today it would have been daylight robbery.

Also makes me think, you know that half-price Virgin Trains ticket for Stockport – should I really bother?




Santos dive?


And here’s Connor’s latest penalty… crying


Oh and anyone else notice the gate was 1,163 on BBC Football? Just 500 short then. rude-greetings-smiley-emoticon

Finally, thanks to the Barrow fan from London I met at the Crimea as arranged, hope you had a safe journey home. Here’s a link to the match thread at Barrow AFC.

Aldershot vs Barrow AFC

Anyhow Shots fans, another match report endeth –  – I’ll leave you with a line from The Jam’s “Thick As Thieves” which goes “Times were so tough, but not as tough as they are now” – seems appropriate doesn’t it… byebye