An abzorbing pastime


What Is Zorbing? And Is It Really Fun If You’re Over 20?

Or, as inflated plastic balls float, it could be a new river activity, for those who want to brave whitewater rapids, but are too lazy to paddle. In any case, this is a young sport that’s lots of fun and has room to grow.

From Youtube, this is water bubble zorbing…

Be Prepared

Potential riders should be aware that zorbing is affected by wind speed and direction and, for safety reasons, rides sometimes need to be cancelled at short notice. To avoid disappointment, always call the zorbing centre on the morning of your trip. Clothing is also of some importance when zorbing. Comfortable, non-restrictive everyday clothing can be worn but shoulders must be covered. Trousers or shorts are advised and socks must be worn. Riders who opt for hydro-zorbing are guaranteed to get very wet, so a change of clothes is highly recommended.

Is Zorbing For Me?

Zorbing is not appropriate for those suffering from some injuries and illnesses. If in doubt, check with the zorbing centre before booking. Height, age and weight restrictions also apply for some types of globe-riding. Zorbing is classified as an extreme sport and, as such, is not for the feint hearted. Those whose idea of a dream day out is a quiet walk through the woods might want to give zorbing a miss. That being said, non-harnessed zorbing is often described as being the less extreme of the two types, as riders do not roll head over heels. As such, it is a good option for those who have little or no experience of extreme sports. Those who are new to sphering and somewhat apprehensive should therefore think about begin with non-harnessed or hydro-zorbing.


Experiences of zorbing vary between individuals. Whilst a number riders report feelings of terror or intense exhilaration, many look to zorbing as a guaranteed good time and are drawn to the sport again and again for the comic sensations and escapism it can afford. Unusual and extreme, zorbing should definitely be considered by all those looking for alternative recreation in the countryside.

And here’s a link should you be in the UK and want to try out this zorbing lark:

Prepare yourself for a super fun, laughter filled, adrenaline pumping time, with maybe some screams thrown in the mix too!

It truly is an amazingly mad thrill which is so hard to explain and needs to be experienced to be believed on how good it really is.

Our Zorbing balls are custom built by the industry’s best manufacturer and are constructed with a polyurethane inner capsule suspended from thousands of nylon strings creating a safe 2-layered comfort zone inside.

Each of our 3 completely varied Zorbing ride types offer a completely different downhill experience, but they are all equally as awesome, with all being personal preference as to which is ‘better’ than the others.

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