Shots away! ATFC earn third away win…


It’s one of those. You have the choice of spending another £200 following the Shots (where you’re beginning to think you’re the jinx because they never win the games you do go), and Edgeley Park is one of those grounds I’ve been past but never been in.

Then there’s this mini-heatwave, an end of season bake off, a chance to be with friends and family for the weekend AND dip into a sea that is still boasting 18 degrees in temperature here.

You take a DAB radio with you because TalkSPORT always read out National League scores. Suddenly I hear “struggling Aldershot” are 2-0 up at Stockport. I’m overjoyed naturally and start telling sunbathers nearby of the reason for my elation and of course no-one’s really interested.double-o-lol

Then. at some point towards the end of the three o’clock kick-offs, the batteries died! I had no internet and so had no idea of Stockport’s goal until after 7pm when I loged in to ShotsWeb having listened to Norwich v Manchester City in a friend’s car whose phone was… you guessed it… out of action due to a flat battery so I couldn’t check on football scores until I got in. nail-biting


It’s a tremendous result isn’t it and hopefully a fillip although Barnet may prove a trickier test Tuesday but at least I’ll be there. Alternatively you may want me to stay at home because all these games I go to we hardly ever win! Here are some match highlights – all three goals were great finishes…

It’s a busy couple of weeks with Wrexham and Yeovil due to vist and I’ll be at all of these games. Yesterday’s win lists us out of the bottom four and there’s not a huge gap points-wise between us and the play-off positions; we know that a few decent results can catapult you up the table. running-around-smiley-emoticon


But maybe best not to get too carried away. Well done to all of you who went yesterday and congratulations to the boys; a goal from De Santos was the last thing I was expecting but dropping Mullings (essential) and giving Harry another go proved dividends.

What was our support like in numbers? If anyone knows, please comment on this post – meanwhile see you all Tuesday at The Hive. cheers


8 thoughts on “Shots away! ATFC earn third away win…

  1. Enjoying this site and have added it to my favourites list, so well done on your efforts.
    Saturday was class and the away support myself included were brilliant.

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  2. Apparently 226 of us there but it looked & sounded more. Vocal support started from the off & felt the team fed off that. Real team effort on & off the pitch. Great to be a part of, everyone pulling in the same direction.

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  3. 226 vociferous away fans. My daughter said it was the best game she’d ever been to. We were superb in the first half and strong at the back in the second. There are reasons to be cheerful.

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