Non-league Day: 12th October


Blimey – none of these could do Mastermind…   hehe

Non-League Day is a day set aside in English football where supporters of clubs playing at the highest levels of the game are encouraged to experience football at non-league level with which they may be unfamiliar.

The idea was suggested in 2010 by James Doe. It is a non-profit and volunteer run initiative and is set to coincide with a break in fixtures within the football calendar when the Premier League and Championship sides do not have games.

This is so that international fixtures can be played and top level players will be on international duty. It has received widespread backing from the Premier League and from Football League clubs as well as MPs, media organisations, charities and from non-league clubs themselves. The Football Association also gives its backing to the campaign.

Martin Tyler

Non–League Day is a chance to celebrate the 40,000 semi-professional and amateur clubs in the UK and I am honoured to help fly the flag

Martin Tyler


Non-League day is happening on October 12 and The Shots are getting involved in the action! For one time only, Shots supporters will be able to pay as much as they want to watch the Aldershot Town vs Hartlepool United at the EBB Stadium as long as tickets are booked in advance. This can be done online on our website and in person at the club shop during weekdays. The offer will not be available at the gate on the day itself and must be pre-booked. Unfortunately, the club will not be selling tickets for this game on any preceding match-days at the club shop. Fans will be able to purchase their tickets at any value between £2 and £30.

Some thoughts from ShotsWeb

Excellent a cheap £2.50 game. Payback for years of miserable games when the club or players should of been paying me to watch. :D

Seriously though a good idea and like another poster if I do decide to go for a cheaper ticket I will spend the difference at the club in some shape or form.

Hopefully it will bring in a large gate and a lot of young fans and hopefully (as we normally bomb when a good crowd is in) ,that we play well and score goals at this game.

Well done on the initiative. Hope it works.

That one was sent in anonEmousely… double-o-lol

This is a great opportunity for the club to try bring in more bodies through the gate and people should share it around as much as they can through social media etc…

With the hard times the club has been having on the pitch this is a breath of fresh air.
To alot of football fans out there who dont always support or go to non league games is normally down to the cost.

If they support a team higher up in the pyramid and it doesn’t cost much more than a non league game then you can understand why they dont go!

And the word has reached Hartlepool – this from the Hartlepool Mail…

Pools will travel to the EBB Stadium on Saturday, October 12 (3pm kick-off) which is also 2019’s official ‘Non-League day’.For one game only, The Shots are putting on a unique ticket offer which allows fans to effectively pay as much as they like to watch the National League fixture. The offer is only available to away fans online via the Aldershot official website.