Chorley 0-0 Aldershot Town: A point gained but overall… ‘meh’

TIMELINE 00:30 – Woke up after posting on ShotsWeb hours earlier that today was in doubt due to a bug. The kind that keeps you in the bathroom. Pleased to say I feel a lot better and will likely stay awake from now. Are You Being Served? is on the radio as I write. It’s series 3 episode 6 and it’s wrongly listed on BCR as series 3 episode 3. It’s a classic episode where Grace Brothers have a German week. Sales are not going well. CAPTAIN PEACOCK: “Do I detect a feeling of anti Germans, Mrs. Slocombe?” MRS. SLOCOMBE: … Continue reading Chorley 0-0 Aldershot Town: A point gained but overall… ‘meh’

The Full English

Good morning everyone. Today I will be attempting to prepare a full English breakfast at home. Tired of bacon and egg McMuffins or paying the £7-£9 at cafes. I decided to try making my own which will include hash browns! Yes I know it has become an Americanism in the cooked breakfast menu but I love them! Also, while not that keen on black pudding,  I’m going to include it. And the tomatoes? If someone were to be coming round, you must grill fresh tomatoes I feel, as if tinned would be an insult. The breakfast pictured above is the … Continue reading The Full English