Calling The Shots is NOT moving!



Well a fair few still haven’t heard of us. But then I never advertised anywhere online or in the Shots matchday magazines (programmes for those of vintage years) but, chatting to Rob Worrall on way t’ Chorley on Saturday, I told him this was something that had been in the making for years, I just hadn’t the time to do it before.

EGbiMc-XkAARUD0.jpg large

So why is CTS here and what is its aim?

I think that we are still a face, still a name, still a brand despite being where we are as a club right now. ATFC is proper old school league football and still respected among fans of other clubs – I know this through chatting to them on various forums.

So while there is the official Shots website and a forum, I wanted to give Shots fans an alternative read, like a fanzine if you like and because they deserve it.

A fanzine however indicates fan participation and that may be the way forward for this venture. Currently heading towards 5k visitors which is pretty encouraging, as I say, not having been advertised anywhere.


I got as far as transferring all posts to Wix and paid the £40 to transfer the domain there but after days of trying to figure their database and finding that actually much of it was beyond my comprehension and skills, I’ve now shelved this particular idea and will remain solely as a blog here on WordPress.

There are other things happening personally in my life right now anyway that may keep me too busy to go to football and be updating these pages – but I hope to continue this project at some point as after all, anyone who knows me knows my heart and faith is in ATFC – many of us sing “Aldershot till I die” do we not?

I did say in the match report last night that I would make an audio montage so that you can relive the atmosphere from last night. It was brilliant wasn’t it, how 1200 could make such noise. It’s a mix of photos and video, including a pic of Alex Finney who we may see back in the team soon… that’s if he can get in now! Oh, and one of Hessenthaler’s mug… ironic licence.  hehe

I’ve dubbed this one “Heroes One And All” because they were all heroes last night.

cheers See you all Saturday – up the Shots and keep the faith!



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