Accrington salute Ipswich fans for Billy Kee solidarity banner


Accrington thanked Ipswich fans after they unfurled a banner in support of Stanley striker Billy Kee.

Town fans revealed a banner which read ‘Billy Kee: You’re Not Alone’ before kick-off in the League One fixture between the sides at the Wham Stadium on Sunday.

Stanley announced earlier this season that Kee was undergoing specialist treatment for depression, anxiety and bulimia.

“Thank you to the @IpswichTown fans for their support in our striker Billy Kee’s battle with depression, bulimia and anxiety,” the club tweeted. “Will make sure Billy sees it.”

Stanley fan James Curtis, 57, found out the away fans were planning to do something ahead of the game and kept an eye out once he arrived at the ground.

“As the teams came out on to the pitch I’m sitting in the main stand facing across to where the away supporters are and I saw the banner going up,” he told the PA news agency.

“I was pointing it out to people and I thought it was a really beautiful thing to do. When the banner came up everyone was taking their hats off (to the Ipswich fans).”

He said the banner was left unfurled until the game started, at which point it was moved back behind the advertising boards.

“I think it’s important that people know that they’re not forgotten about and that people value them,” he said.

“Everyone at Accrington loves Billy Kee, but it must be good to know that supporters of Ipswich Town are rooting for him as well. It’s really lovely of them.”