“Aldershot get battered everywhere we go”



It was the song that echoed back through east London after the game that saw all our hopes and score predictions collapse into a state of disbelief and embarrasment.

Considering how the management team had been saying that having had the time to plan and prepare for this game and that they’d done their homework on Dagenham, well it really showed didn’t it.

Also I think Danny Searle perhaps realises now how poor standard our players are for this division and that we are right in the mire instead of just rolling along each week with the softcore “we’ll be alright” mentality.


The build up to the game was great. I knew this was going to be my last game for a good while and to be honest by the time I reached Southampton I felt so low in mood that I considered turning back; having seen the game now on reflection maybe that would have been a good idea.

I have been saying all season how for the state our club and team is in, fifth bottom in the fifth tier, still taking 200 anywhere to an away game, our support is unbelievable PLUS given that loyalty and vociferous passion we have to be the best fans in this league so well done to everyone else who went yesterday and to those of you who stayed at home for whatever reason, well, you got lucky!

Once all the fans were in so the singing started (minus the drums sadly which I love but accept that a lot of people don’t) and the first five minutes of grass chess offered no alarms until suddenly I looked to my right and we were a goal down. I sat near Jake and Dad and I know that at the time of writing he hasn’t uploaded his vlog yet so for readers here you can see OUR solitary goal later in this post.

The goals conceded were just TOO easy. We were making Daggers look top of the league material and it was knife through butter material and cafeteria defending. In that first half it looked like the players didn’t know each other and suspiciously like they weren’t playing for the manager too and I’m not the only one who formed that opinion yesterday.

Marcus ex W. Midlands Shot
“I didn’t go today but the result suggests that the team have stopped playing for the boss, in which case it really is curtains for DS.”

And some words from the D&R board, View From The Sieve…

Post by EssexDagger! » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:02 am

Also was it me or did Mullings come across as a bit of a w@n*er today, I know he wanted to prove a point but I never saw that fiery side to him the whole time he was with us.. few late off the ball fouls from him and few tirades to the ref when decisions went against him.

I was dreading him scoring the more the game went on and after the bit of needle our fans were giving him :yay: :yay:


Post by Mark » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:11 am

A few more of them could’ve done with his attitude, felt a lot of the shots players didn’t really seem that upset to be getting a hiding. Thought he was one of their better players, won a few knock downs and held it up ok, but he did miss a free header which says it all really.


Post by A S dagger97 » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:37 am

The Aldershot players seemed to be more concerned with blaming each other for the goals rather than firing themselves up and lacked any unity from the moment we made it 2nil

This was the Shots starting line-up.


I mean, it was THAT bad at half-time I was asking why hadn’t Harry P started! And I’m really angry that young Alfy isn’t getting game time. He shows a lot of promise so how is ten minutes at Harrogate going to help him get into this side. Lyons-Foster – how he even gets into this team is beyond me and don’t shoot the messenger –  a fair few more like me feel the same.

Where was Shields? A mid-week hat-trick should have seen him start along with Mo Betts and I think Kinsella was a big miss for us today. And why was Chislett removed at half-time? As well as Finns did vocally and in positional defensive play, the defence looked clueless and helpless as Daggers steam-rollered their way into a 30-minute four goal lead.



And that was really where the trouble started towards Azeem as fans screamed their abuse and aimed their feelings at the board. At this point I want to thank the stewards of Dagenham and Redbridge FC and the police on duty for their patience and understanding. “We understand the passion” said one lady steward. “I can’t remember the last time we scored two goals let alone four” said a local police officer.

When a few fans headed for the pitch, the uniformed admin just let it pass and I thought they dealt with it superbly so well done Daggers and you have a nice friendly set-up at Victoria Road.

But Danny Searle wasn’t getting any of the flak. The contempt was aimed solely at the board. I do wish Danny was more animated. I looked at him on the touchline, shoulders slumped, no animation (just like at Harrogate and other games) and there just seems to be a disconnection between him and our players sometimes. Okay, a lot of times!

Their goals were really well-produced and taken, especially their fifth, a free kick over the wall. At the end I was left with it all actually not hurting, you know, like it was SO bad it was just laughable, if you take that fuzzy logic. So here is that wonderful goal we scored, the only positive that we could take back with us.

The few left up at the back got back to singing again once we’d reduced the arrears by one and the bit I liked best was when they sang “We scored a goal, we scored a goal. How shit must YOU be? We scored a goal!”

Back in London I met up with a few other fans along with Preston Shot and Aberdeen Shot on the way back. We were in the Hole In The Wall and there was Giles, Morgan, Dave and that guy who has the In Off The Post blog. I’d really like that blue Bridges away shirt you know! Anyway, it was somebody’s birthday (Den’s?) and the group headed north of the river for a few more refreshments but thanks for the Jaeger Bombs, they were great! Here’s Robbie Tinkler, speaking after yesterday’s game.

So of course we can beat Notts County. They lost three-nil at home to Barrow yesterday so – stands to reason!

And what Shamir had to say…

It was good to meet with Jack, Shamir and Harry P after the games and offer condolences and support. They looked embarrassed and of course had every right to be after that no-show. A few of the players have come out on social media with apologies saying that there has to be a reaction next game – let’s just hope that there IS then.

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