Aldershot Town 3-3 Chorley


Sadly today was same old Aldershot, not learning from mistakes, same clueless manager making ridiculous substitution calls. Today was also a day when we should have put teams like Chorley to sleep and marched on proudly towards the play-offs.



Sure, we were going to miss Hunt at the back and I expected a lot more from Finney. Until his injury at Torquay I thought he was going to be our van Dijk at the back.  Reality check. We haven’t replaced Powell either and if you went to Wrexham you could hardly believe how crap we were today.  A win would have been a fantastic remembrance send off for Chris Barker too.


It had been a nice start to the day seeing the Aldershot Originals flag at Georges Park this morning when Dominic Bess had the South African batters in a spin.

Then someone on ShotsWeb quipped that they hoped the team didn’t flag later on!


Had the visitors been able to defend corners properly we might not have scored at all. To be fair, they were better than us and wanted it more, even so, was there any need for Tinkler to handle a ball that wasn’t going into the goal?


We gift-wrapped a point in gold foil for Chorley who are getting relegated while we are not so it’s more frustrating as to why the last time we played so well AND with the coaching staff having had extra time to prepare for this.


The first goal we scored was great too, a swift counter-attack but from there we somehow shot ourselves in the foot again. It was a good piece of footwork from Cardwell but the Mo Betts levelled before half-time gave us parity.


The Rance header gave us all hope of course, just seven minutes to hold on for three points but, just like Chesterfield at home, had to throw it all away again didn’t we.

And to top it all, a sixteen-year old gets a gig and Alfy Whittingham can’t get on yet again, I mean have a word, I was surprised Searle didn’t stick one of these on.


32 travelling fans – did any of them celebrate ANY of their three goals?

Eastleigh away my next game. They’ve hardly got any fit players apparently so we’ll be sure to lose there. And anyone think Boreham Wood at home will be a given? We mock their home crowds but they’ve got a team going on and are equipped to do a number on us.



Around the league today, Chesterfield won but Fylde lost at home to Torquay. Nice to see Wrexham stuffing Woking too. IF we see this as a point gained (and I really can’t) then we’re on 38 points and just four wins away from seeing ourselves safe.

Any expectations higher than that are probably just a pipedream. Here’s the results and new table.




4 thoughts on “Aldershot Town 3-3 Chorley

  1. Referring to suicide twice given the recent loss of Chris Barker is incredibly poor use of the word!!!


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