Aldershot Town 3 Boreham Senseless 1

“We are the Wood” Oh just f*** off and keep f***ing off until the day you’re a proper football club.

If we were third in the table we’d be pulling 3000 not the 300 or whatever it is you get.

That said. the gate tonight was dead embarrassing for us seeing as we’d taken half of it up to Berkshire on Saturday.

The singing in the East Bank was low-key first half, more so when the visitors took a flukey lead, a swirling shot that Walker and the defence seemed to leave to each other with the ball finding it’s way into the corner of the net.

Begs the question too, how come Chislett’s a benchwarmer all of a sudden when before Christmas we couldn’t live without him? A fair few fans tonight asking that question.

And how come after we’ve turned in a decent performance and win, the next game is more often than not, rubbish!?

That first half was dire, fact when the announcement over the tannoy for one minute extra time happened, I said they should have chalked a minute off.

We seemed in awe of “the Wood” and all that hump it in the air stuff on a windy night was abysmal. Sure we missed Kinsella but Finney on the left side was abysmal.

Last ten minutes of the half though we started to get it down and play. Once we got at “the mighty Wood” you could see they went a bit “uh-oh, don’t fancy this much”.

At the break I had no idea how we were still only a goal down and still in the game.

Funny old game though ain’t it, football. Just what was said at half time because second period, we took over, end of.

I’d gone to check on a friend in the South Stand and so I can’t describe the two KLF goals like I could have done from behind the goal but the first one looked like it was bundled over the line.

From Aldershot-jg on ShotsWeb:

  • If it helps describe the goals KLF’s first was a strong clean header, his second resembled a mini rugby scrum with about 3 players helping bundle it towards goal and KLF pokes it over the line. JBA’s was a great hit, for a brief moment I thought he let the defender get back into position as he shaped to shoot before unleashing a powerful shot into the far corner.

As usual I had to leave for the station at 9,15pm so the icing on the cake was the third goal being scored just as I got to the gates.


Not enamoured with the T. O. D thing to be honest. A poor replacement for Notts County., I reckon Sutton away on Good Friday would have seen an even bigger turnout.

Met another fan at the station who like me, has to leave early at midweek homes, lives in Gosport so can’t risk missing the last ferry!

God bless Shots fans wherever you’re from I say! Many stayed away tonight but as I sit writing at Woking Station I’m glad I was there to see us record back to back wins. I see that the opposition managed a late goal and that Maidenhead got turned over by Ebbsfleet – squeaky bum time for them now.

Sorry, no time for the Maidenhead’s and Chorley’s of this world. Or even the Crawley’s and Cheltenham’s.

We’re elite… we’re ALDERSHOT!