Like A Rolling Stone: Wealdstone FC

If we ever do get a 2020/2021 National League season then, at the time of going to press, it looks like Kings Lynn and Wealdstone are new places to visit for some, I’ve heard that Kings Lynn is a cracking day out and Wealdstone? Need to know more about Wealdstone. Apparently we’ve been there twice before when they were under the Ruislip moniker. The Stones’ … Continue reading Like A Rolling Stone: Wealdstone FC

“My health is NOT in question” – Dickin, Hayes vs modern day radio broadcasters

I grew up with LBC.  I can go back a far as the days of Monty Modlyn! I never really liked listening to music at night. So spoken word in the form of phone-in shows were for me, far more entertaining. When talkRADIO and the subsequent talkSPORT came into being, I discovered a new world of amusing presenters. Some were known as shock jocks; Brian … Continue reading “My health is NOT in question” – Dickin, Hayes vs modern day radio broadcasters

Goal! A football songs top ten

The relationship between music and football has evolved over the years, but it’s fair to say the twin pursuits have always shared some common ground. Recently, we have seen the slow demise of the traditional FA Cup final song, in a move which has paralleled the decline of outlets like Top of the Pops on which to perform the music in question. From a Shots … Continue reading Goal! A football songs top ten

Way Back When: Snub TV

Circa late eighties and the hip things on the box for alternative music fans were Eurotrash, Rapido and,,, Snub, Snub TV was an alternative culture television program that aired from 1987 to 1989 as a segment on the Night Flight overnight programming on the USA Network and subsequently for three seasons on the BBC. So if like me you’d grown up under the aural guidance … Continue reading Way Back When: Snub TV

Everybody’s Golf: Playstation 2

Oh boy, arcade games oughta be fun. Okay, we all know a lot of games are scripted but this one really takes the cookie. First off, take a look at the booklet, Tells you everything except explaining how the gameplay actually works, notably the revolving yellow diamond. There she is, on the green, showing you where your ball will land. The video below demonstrates just … Continue reading Everybody’s Golf: Playstation 2

Tangerine Dream: The Pink And Virgin Years

The early seventies were a fertile period for progressively inclined musicians, with music being pushed into new frontiers, not just with new technology and production techniques, but with a mind-set about how that equipment could be used to create new sound. The music scene in Berlin was no exception, with the development of “Krautrock”, or more respectfully, “Kosmische Musik”. This was a genre that drew … Continue reading Tangerine Dream: The Pink And Virgin Years