Goodnight little angel…

So my cat who is some kind of psychotic serial killer chased a small Chaffinch into the lounge last Friday.

At first I thought the bird noises were her playing with one of the toy birds I had bought for Duchess.



When I realised what it was she was tormenting, it got itself behind all the TV and stuff so I had to use a measuring jug to get it in there and to examine it.

The way its eyes looked up at me told me that it knew, if this makes any sense at all, that I was doing my best to help it. That it knew it was in safe hands.

My immediate neighbour Laura took it to keep an eye on it in her garden because she wasn’t sure it was able to fly.

At one point she told me it had gone but then it was back and wasn’t moving. Maybe the rains last night were the killing blow and this morning she had it in her hand, telling me that it had just passed on.

It upset me immensely. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I love and care for animals but another neighbour Tim told me he saw Duchess on that day carrying the bird looking as pleased as punch.

It’s in their nature, I understand that but I don’t like the idea of death and seeing it close at hand was horrible. The hardest thing I’ve had to do today is bury this poor creature.

No way could I just put it in the trash. I used this vape box as a makeshift coffin, put kitchen towel in top and bottom for dignity.


Then Tim offered it to bury it and used some twine for the cross you see.


And then with the windows open I thought of a funeral song. I’d play my favourite right now, Transatlanticism (Death Cab For Cutie) but as beautiful as that is, it’s too maudlin in melody.

Then it hit me, Eels! I Like Birds is just perfect, buoyant and easy on the ear.

Tim was outside and laughed when he heard it start up, realising the poignancy. Trust you to think of that, he said.

Goonight little angel. I am so sorry for what my cat did and for your premature end.

Rest in please and I’ll tweet this to let the bird world know about you.  ❤️


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