90’s Dance: Vol. 1 – Something Wonderful

The first in a series of ten mixes documenting the dance scene be it happy hardcore, techno, trance, acid house… classics and lesser-knowns fused together in a melee of mayhem.

It’s nineties nostalgia at its finest. Loving the Cartouche – been a while since I heard that tune. Here’s the playlist. Something is about to happen – something wonderful.

1. FORCE LEGATO – System
4. UNO DELIC – Farenheit
5. JONNY L – The Ansafone
6. KICKS LIKE A MULE – The Bouncer (Housequake Mix)
7. 4 FOR MONEY – A Moment In Time (Rising High Dub Mix)
8. QUAZAR – Midsummer Night’s Dream
9. THE SHAMEN – Possible Worlds
10. COMA CLUB – Untitled (B1)
11. CARTOUCHE – Feel The Groove (Underground Remix)
13. JENS LISSAT – The Future
14. FORMIC ACID – Trance Dreams
15. QUADROPHONIA – Quadrophonia
16. THE HYPNOTIST – Pioneers Of The Warped Groove
17. URBAN HYPE – A Trip To Trumpton
18. THE SYSTEM – You’re In My System
19. SPOOKY – Schmoo (Stripped Down Dub Mix)
20. THE ARC – Something Wonderful

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