Did it cross the line or not?!

You were there – how did you see it? Was Tommy Langley’s goal-bound effort over the line or not? Some games from yesteryear retain “turning points” and this game was no exception in front of a crowd of just over 6,000.

Some footage of the goals from Sunderland’s only ever visit to the Recreation Ground.

Names like Tommy Langley, Steve Berry (played for both clubs of course) and just look at the High Street end!

This is why a fair few fans say that our ground’s in a public park and they don’t mean Manor!

I’m still proud of it, even now though of course there’s all the talk of the lease and future stadium development going back to February this year that we’ve heard nothing more about.

1988 was also a year I remember buying this little gem (depending on your musical persuasion).

Despite the defeat at Aldershot and at Bristol Rovers, Sunderland didn’t have Shattered Dreams and went on to secure promotion. From the Ryehill FC site:

On Easter Monday and the visit of Northampton Town to Roker Park the North East’s biggest gate of the season 29,454 turned up to watch Sunderland won 3 v 1 and claimed the third division championship.

With fancy dress being the order of the day “Dracula” and “The Pink Panther” made their way to Rotherham United for a final day party. That Sunderland won 4 v 1 was almost immaterial, that Sunderland had fun was the main thing. There were some sore head back in the North East that night.

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