M100FS: 97 – “The Backyard” – Miracle Legion

A great fondness for this song. I think first united with it via one of Andy Kershaw’s old radio shows at the time. Smacks of summer, this and nostalgia but there’s a message within. Miracle Legion were a Connecticut-based band that immediately sprang to life on the heels of a post-R.E.M. guitar rock boom, chiefly because lead singer Mark Mulcahy’s voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Michael … Continue reading M100FS: 97 – “The Backyard” – Miracle Legion

FACup: 4th Rnd Q – Aldershot Town Vs Woking

Amicable my backside! 🤣 Anyway this was how we lined up today. Matt Jarvis. Remember him? Not so long ago he was in the same West Ham team as Stewart Downing. McCormack starts for us and it looks a strong front three. The strong two below were watching from the States, Orlando to be exact and they agreed that this happy snap could be shown … Continue reading FACup: 4th Rnd Q – Aldershot Town Vs Woking

MOGWAI – “Spaceships Over Glasgow” MIX – re-upload

Mixed this 8-tracker from the Scottish post rockers a while back but somehow it was no longer on site hence this fresh upload. The title Spaceships Over Glasgow is a lyrical nod to Take Me Somewhere Nice of course but of the songs I mislaid the original setlist so remade it. Whatever, if you enjoy Mogwai, you should enjoy this. I Love You, I’m Going … Continue reading MOGWAI – “Spaceships Over Glasgow” MIX – re-upload

Eastleigh 2-2 Aldershot Town

At this time of the year it’s often said that Wynter is upon us. And it came early as Eastleigh gave us an icy blast by equalising late on and snatching a share of the spoils at the Silver lake Stadium. A couple of glaring issues from last season are still haunting us: conceding needless free-kicks and not seeing games out. Chesterfield at home last … Continue reading Eastleigh 2-2 Aldershot Town

Dover 0-5 Aldershot: Match report

ALDERSHOT TOWN returned to winning ways in fine style tonight at the Crapple… sorry, small keyboard… Crabble Stadium. Pre-match, boss Danny Searle had said it was “imperative” that we got something from tonight’s game. So I thought a point was maybe the plan and even that would have been an improvement from Hartlepool and Sutton. But maybe he had something up his sleeve after all … Continue reading Dover 0-5 Aldershot: Match report

Aldershot Town 1 – 2 Sutton United

All a buzz for our first home match of the 20/21 season with the Shots Live Stream up and running, if there is radio commentary I’ll find it and update this post live via the Shits Twitter feed. Early questions of course to include WILL WE SEE MCCORMACK? and WILL ALFY START? I like the digital match programme idea. All football league and non leagues … Continue reading Aldershot Town 1 – 2 Sutton United

M100FS (Rock Version) – 98 – “The Saddest Song” – The Ataris

  The Ataris are an American rock band from Anderson, Indiana. Formed in 1996, they released five studio albums between 1997 and 2007. Their best-selling album is So Long, Astoria (2003), which was certified gold. Their high-charting single is the cover song “The Boys of Summer” from So Long, Astoria. Yes but on that album there’s this!  The Saddest Song is about a Dad and his … Continue reading M100FS (Rock Version) – 98 – “The Saddest Song” – The Ataris

M100FS (Rock Edition): 99 – “Let Go” – Frou Frou

As we’re at the very beginning of this countdown, can I just say that the M100FS stands for My 100 Favourite Songs? Thank you! So Imogen Heap first came to my attention when somewhere, sometime I got to hear Hide And Seek. I was taken. I’d not really heard any voice/synth stuff since O Superman! Which I think may have been Laurie Anderson (but don’t … Continue reading M100FS (Rock Edition): 99 – “Let Go” – Frou Frou