Hartlepool United 2, Aldershot Town 1

Here we are again. An unusual start to the season with no fans allowed into open air stadia yet I can fly among 300 people in an aeroplane. Buffoon Boris. But then, if you employ a clown, you usually acquire a circus. Now we’ve got the live stream initiative plus Rob Worrall’s dulcets on BBC Radio Surrey. He will be at Victoria Park alongside Alan … Continue reading Hartlepool United 2, Aldershot Town 1

100 Favourite Songs (Rock Edition)

So this project finally comes to fruition although it’s not quite the end as there’s a pop version to be done too. I’m uncomfortable mixing everything together and after all, could you really have a chart where Savage Garden, for example, follow a Sonic Youth number?! Keane were another consideration as they could easily slide into the pop category. Originally the shortlist was over three … Continue reading 100 Favourite Songs (Rock Edition)