Aldershot Town 1-0 Notts County

Most people know my anti-Searle stance. I know I’m not in the minority either but today really isn’t a day to be banging on about that.

The swift addition of a new goalkeeper certainly contributed to this win over Notts County.

To win is one thing but to keep a clean sheet in the process is just as satisfying, yes?

I followed the proceedings on the Twitter timeline where many of the fans were watching the stream and tweeting their own opinions.

Mitch will take it on the chin I feel sure. You felt something had to be done in that position and the lack of confidence a few mistakes can bring.

This is how we started.


The winning goal arrived in the second half through Harry P just like the timelord had told us it would…

Special mention also to Scotty Lorimer on his birthday. If his age is true (and it is of course) then it’s also true that I was on the East Bank before he was even thought of!

And to Martin, one of our most loyal and vociferous fans, celebrated a birthday yesterday so many happy returns to them.

I was chatting to Stevey Asp about a train journey next week to Altrincham. Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy enough to do that!

Because grounds you’ve never done yet have to be chalked off. £91 and getting, potentially anyway, back home on the same day isn’t that bad.

But while it would count as a visit, it’s just not the same as being in the ground is it. And apparently there are no vantage points, Altrincham’s as flat as a pancake.


Anyway, by all accounts this wasn’t a great game, neither side played THAT well, just thankful that all you loyal Shots fans have something to smile about tonight.

Covid has decimated the infrastructure of our personal lives. Pubs and bars closed, no fans allowed in stadiums – I like to think on a positive note that perhaps by next spring we could be back at home games and elsewhere.

And after such a long time away, wouldn’t we pull a huge home game? Somewhere over 2000?

So well done to everyone involved today. We have rocketed up to 13th in the table and let’s hope our new look defence and our new keeper can continue to bed in.

Along with Woking being dumped out of a cup we dumped ourselves out of and Reading getting smashed at home again, this has been a pretty decent Saturday!


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