BIVOUAC: “Drank” (unofficial music video)

So the original video I produced for this song got lost somewhere in cyberspace.

And I could no longer find the movies and documentaries I had previously used.

But I discovered new material and this ended up primarily as an alcohol awareness film and I’m biased but this song is great and deserves to have an unofficial music video.

When I make a themed video such as this and like my one for autism I always want it to have a storyline.

I’ve used the Drank single sleeve and the Tuber album sleeve you’ll see as the drums kick in but I could not seem to make them any shorter than 0.4s and it kind of works but doesn’t sync exactly and that for me is everything.

Same with the band clips, when you cut stuff up and where there are vocals, to sync it spot on is real tough but I think I’ve got it as good as I can get it anyway.

I’m also happy that the audio is the WMA rip so the sound should be a lot better than a compressed version.


About the band, all I remember is John Peel (probably) had played “Drank” on a programme and I loved the sound, they remind me a bit of Buffalo Tom when I listen to them, I did buy the debut album Tuber but thought the other songs didn’t stand up to “Drank” but I always remembered the band were from Derby (or thereabouts).

On Twitter a few guys joined in on a conversation and it was good that one of them had known band members personally and that others had seen Bivouac play live. Amazingly I learned that they are still playing to this day!

I’ve used lots of imagery here, clips of binge drinking, consequential public disorder to help get the message across.

Towards the end where there’s the instrumental part of the song, I’ve included a timelapse of Derby city centre but even that’s actually slowed down for effect and I like the escalator part before it goes into a Sphere 3D clip of band members.


While looking for new material I found a documentary about a kid who was drinking a bottle of vodka a day. This set the tone and from there the film jumps back to him and it’s what particularly what he says at the end in “It’s just boss – it just makes me feel better” I thought to end the video with that was more poignant along with the alcohol awareness sign.

And as we know drink can be a dark destroyer and affects so many parts of our lives, even going to football which is something I love, hence the small inclusion of Derby and Forest fans.

I’ve got three video editing suites and to make this I chose to use Rovio Creator NXT-6 (see timeline pic above) as it’s pretty decent for tricks and effects.

Lastly I don’t make videos very often, it’s just when I am inspired by something and I enjoy putting it all together. Also I hardly ever get any feedback so if you enjoy the video or have any crtitique, you can leave a reply below the post so, here’s Drank (for the second time!)

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