No, lockdowns don’t work…

I think we’ve seen enough evidence now, in one year, to know that lockdowns don’t work. And they most certainly damage the country’s economy.

Maybe we, the public have learned things about the virus along the way though it seems the government haven’t.

There are so many opinions divided over Covid.

It’s a deadly virus, we get that. It’s easily spread, we get that too.

But taking in the fact that it kills around one percent of people who have already reached or passed their normal life expectancy, then you begin to wonder why it is that we are continually under house arrest by order of a government who frankly, couldn’t run a bath.

Of course that’s just an opinion. The same as most other people have, a take on the situation as a whole and how it affects their lives personally.

I said to my doctor, this has to be the biggest over-reaction to anything like, ever. He didn’t wanna hear it. Well they don’t, do they.

But I’m now getting rather fed up about being told who can come in or out of my house. Covid has certainly turned so many people into self-righteous experts on the subject too.

The thing is, you can lockdown for six months or six years but you know what, the minute you go back out, the virus is still going to be out there, lurking, somewhere near you no matter the number of vaccines people have had.

Social distancing (and the majority of people we know are doing this), hand sanitisation (perhaps not enough people are doing that seriously) and mask wearing are, in my opinion, all practices that can be done in, not all, but most working environments and certainly outdoors.

I’ve been called all manner of things for not saying a huge fat YES to something just because a handful of others choose to agree with it. And you can go in calling me an idiot because it’s not going to change anything one iota.

As I said, a majority are confirming to the restrictions but anyone who imagined that the entire country is sat indoors and not popping next door for a cuppa or visiting a friend are living in cloud cuckoo land.

We are now in week sux or whatever it is if a third national lockdown and of course a growing number of people have simply had enough.

Last March there was an unseasonal heatwave and people were being hoiked off the beach, I’m talking fully clothed people, a lady for example just set there, yards from any other soul, reading a book alfresco, told to leave the beach by patrols who assumed they actually were the police.

Can you imagine the scenes if this runs into May and there’s hot weather? I can’t speak for others and nor do I want too but no government will ever stop me enjoying the sun.

Like most people I feel the long term impact of Covid means that the way we live may well have changed forever.

I still do all the correct things outside. I social stance, I wear a mask all if the time, not just on entering a shop. But I’ll be damned if I’m being told I can’t have a few friends round to watch the football, close neighbours at that, just because the government doesn’t approve.

No, lockdowns don’t work but that’s okay because we’re stuck with a government and its ‘world-beating’ plans that will haul us out of this dilemma once and for all.


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