Twisted Tracks

Well we’ve had a couple of trial runs and I have to say it’s proved quite a popular Sunday timewaster.

The #TwistedTracks hashtag does coincide with a couple of others, notably the game played on Paul Miller’s (Radio Solent / Dorset) show but we’ll keep it as it is.

The only difference was that we used the featured artist rule but that rather narrowed the pun potential.

So from today and moving on, it will simply be using the chosen theme and employing ANY band or singer.

You’ll see that today’s theme is BIRDS.

I already conjured up a band…

Hawk Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Lark.

in Scrabble that would be a triple word score!

Anyway, enjoy the new format and let’s see how many hilarious twisted tracks you can come up with.

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