Aldershot Town -A – Wrexham

“We know what you are… we know what you are… sheep-shagging bastards, we know what you are”

Wasn’t expecting their fans to come back with “We know what we are, we know what we are, sheep-shagging bastards, we know what we are” but that’s their sense of humour for you.

Not just Wrexham fans but the Welsh in general and I love ’em for it.

We were jubilant the game was called off of course and the travelling numbers had every right to be mightily pissed-off.

But to us it was the only decision the ref got right during the near hour of play (counting the seven minutes added time in the first half).

I was in the North stand then and could see a high challenge but most around me were shocked at the penalty decision. At that point and don’t ask me how, we were only a goal behind and the successful spot-kick spelt game set and match for Wrexham which they thoroughly deserved.

I can tell you that from what I saw, their first goal was brilliant, Hyde picking up the ball outside the box but cleverly shielding it for those few seconds while he chose his spot and bang – Mitch wasn’t getting anywhere near that.

Going back to their fans, pre-match I was in The George where having got my pint I’m standing opposite a group of around 20 away fans. One lad draped in the Welsh flag is nicely goading me with the “we’ve got Paul Mullins” vibe and so I just stand there smiling, a jovial stand off until he walks over and we clink glasses and wish each other well.

Apart from the outcome I’m sure they had a great day out and it’s a pity that far less of them will come to us when the game, as expected now, is replayed in mid-week.

Once the dust has settled, I can’t believe Wrexham fans, after what they saw yesterday, can be too worried about playing us again can they?

As a traditionalist, I want to see the ex-FL clubs back up in the fourth tier. Maybe it won’t be this season for Wrexham, maybe they’ll be like Stockport, too much of a Jekyll & Jake Hyde.

And they haven’t won here for so long they’re struggling to remember so being 2-0 up (and it might have been double that) at the break and not to get the three points must be infuriating.

All I can say is that by the time we play them again I hope we have a team that can compete because they were worlds apart better than us.

I notice little things too at games but things that matter. Wrexham lost Luke Young early on and there was a bad injury to another player who was stretchered off, the North standers clapping him in sympathy which was nice, anyway, when one of our own went down, the Wrexham players were exercising, keeping the body warm, not ours who were just standing around.

That’s a bit of professionalism from the Wrexham team and it impressed me.

It was the visitors that had the first chance of the afternoon just 6 minutes in, as a well struck free-kick from Davies was kept out by Walker, and the resulting corner came to nothing.

Just before the 10 minute mark, the Shots put together a nice move themselves. A string of nice passes between Edser and Whittingham allowed Whittingham to deliver a cross, but his ball couldn’t find anyone in the box.

Wrexham had another great chance to take the lead in the 18th minute, as Bryce Hosannah managed to weave his way past a few Aldershot Town players, and forced Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain to make a brilliant goal-line block, with the resulting corner once again coming to nothing.

But the deadlock was broken by the Welsh side shortly after in the 22nd minute, as the ball fell to Hyde inside the penalty area, and he tucked it away into the bottom corner. The lead was almost doubled a few minutes later, as Paul Mullin had a strike from distance, but it was well saved by Walker in the Shots goal. Hyde had a chance to score his second of the afternoon after a ball from Paul Mullin found him 12 yards out, but he couldn’t adjust his feet and his eventual shot was well blocked.

Towels about that then?!

The chances kept coming for Wrexham, as Mullin fired the ball across goal, but nothing came from it. The Shots had a great chance to level it in the 36th minute, after a great ball sent Andrews through on goal, but his low shot from a tough angle couldn’t quite beat Lainton, who was called into action for the first time. Deep into the seven minutes of injury time, Wrexham were awarded a penalty after a high foot from a Shots defender, and it was emphatically converted by Paul Mullin.

This video I’ve compiled contains a few sequences of play and scenes in the East Bank after the ref had taken the players off the pitch.

I hadn’t heard an official announcement that it had been called off. Wrexham players were trying hard to do some mopping up. What happened was the ball was sent down the left flank and a Wrexham player slid in to tackle one of hours and went flying, I thought the ref had sent him off.

One steward I spoke to said that they’d be back out in five minutes. So everyone waited and there was a bit of a party  atmosphere in the East Bank until everyone realised that was that and started leaving. To confirm it all someone brought up BBC Football on their phone which confirmed it as match abandoned.

We are now getting hag off Wrexham fans saying our ground staff did nothing. Oh right so we’re two nil down at home, you really think we’re going to be bothered helping to get the game restarted, come on, if it was in reverse pretty sure the same would have happened.

Whatever and however bad we are at the moment, it won’t stop me, I’ll be at Edgeley Park next Saturday. It’s what I do.

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