Twitter: Acid Mouse Party

UPDATE (Tuesday 12th October)

This particular problem with Twitter must be widespread with many accounts like mine suspended having been flagged for aspects of speech.

It could mean that the active appeal I have might take quite a while for it to be resolved. So I made a written appeal which is outlined below and was sent today first class post. Twitter’s UK accounts are all dealt with in Dublin, Ireland.

Twitter International Company
(Account Appeals)
One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street
Dublin 2, D02 AX07 IRELAND.

Case number:

My account currently is suspended by Twitter.

I appealed immediately through the system but all I have had is automated replies stating that further evidence I submitted will be added to the review.

I have had an account since 2018 which had been healthy and I have built up a good few followers, fact it is a popular account.

The issues recently have been due to your AI software which has flagged up keywords that it has deemed ‘hateful conduct’ and I have endured a seven day loss and now an ongoing one, though Twitter has not engaged with me, hence I am appealing this directly in writing.

I understand that the system is not human and therefore does not detect humour or irony.

That is why we are at an impasse. I’m sure one this is investigated and, given the evidence, my account should be reinstated.

So I will begin with the current issue.

One of my followers tweeted a photo of their evening meal, namely battered cod, chips and peas.

I knew that my supported football team were playing Dover FC later that evening and made the simple joke of saying “I hope we batter the whites later”.

It wouldn’t even enter my head about it being hateful as it wasn’t addressed at my follower or any person or any group.

However, a friend of mine offline thought it might be construed as racist (whites) and clinically, violent (batter) though you will see the photo, you will see my tweet, and you can know now that nothing along those lines was intended.

Dover Athletic Football Club’s nickname is indeed The Whites, hence the reference. In hindsight I might have said simply, I hope we win the game tonight, but as I said, it was a joke, and the batter related to the fish.

My follower even ‘liked’ my reply. I’m sure he did not see it as ‘hateful conduct’.

I have submitted evidence electronically in that appeal but will link Dover FC to you now so that you can see for yourself.

“The team usually wear white shirts and are consequently nicknamed the Whites.”

The previous issue where my account was flagged up as ‘hateful conduct” was when I made a jovial reply to the boxer Tyson Fury calling him a great big pansy.

The photo I submitted was of Charles Hawtry smiling and holding a glass of wine.

This wasn’t even friendly fire. It was a joke and I am a fan of Tyson Fury. Fact, I think had he seen the tweet he would have laughed himself.

So I had to lose my account for seven days because the system decided that “pansy” – a well-known flower” combined with a friendly image of Charles Hawtry was deemed ‘hateful conduct”.

All my friends on Twitter can see these were over-reactions and an error of judgement and I am appealing to Twitter to put this right and reinstate me.

Not only that, but under the circumstances, I am now aware and mindful of the system, how it works and can say that this should not happen again.

There are certain keywords then that I will have learned not to use in future because of these instances.

UPDATE (Sunday, 10th October)

It has now been five days since the suspension started. All I have from Twitter is several of these in automated response to parts of appeal where I submitted evidence, namely a link to Dover FC website so that they could see they are called The Whites and so my comment is not relative to them, any one group or person and it was a reference to fish.



Thanks for your report. It looks like this is connected with your original case #**********, so we’ve added it to that first report. 

We’ll continue our review with this information. 

If you have more details you think we should know, please respond to this email to send them our way. We appreciate your help! 


I made a post on a forum to get feedback and will ignore a lot of the sociopathic comments from the Americans. Simply if this happened to them they might not be as dismissive.

The majority of replies are just like the comments under this post. They support my cause and cannot believe or understand just how cras this all is. And unfair.

But, the reason is because Twitter in censorship uses AI or, artificial intelligence to flag up what it perceived might be hateful or racist.

So we are dealing with automatons and not humans and I am not even sure that my appeal is actually being processed by a living being either.

You cannot create other accounts either. Your log in devices are all known to the system as us your IP address. Within five minutes if using a new account it will be detected and that account will suffer a suspension.

Finally, while I wait and sometimes the longer something is taking can mean good news, I have the opinion that Twitter are no different to any other network company and should be challenged on this matter by submission of a written appeal to their head office.

That way, they can physically look at and see the error, and it clearly IS an error of judgement, and the account may be reinstated.

That is what I will do this week, send printed documents and evidence to them and I will update this post again as soon as I have any news that’s good or bad.


I am very upset. I feel like I have had something precious to me just snatched away for no reason. It has been seven hours now since it happened. It is taking its toll on my mental health and well being. Living as I do, every day it is important I interact with online friends. I am lost without them.


This morning I was notified that my account has been suspended, this time it looks like indefinitely.

If any of my Twitter following read this, please spread the word as I have no idea if I will be back on Twitter ever.

The reason? This.

A friend had tweeted a photo of his dinner.

Battered fish, chips and mushy peas.

I replied saying “I hope we batter the whites tonight” meaning Dover who Aldershot were playing later.

its a joke, of course. Anybody can see it’s not hateful, or meant to cause offense to anyone.

Except Twitter and I have no idea how this kind of thing gets flagged up let alone misinterpreted and misunderstood as it is.

Naturally I have appealed. It’s now a question of waiting. There is nothing I can do. As it stands my account is showing that I have 0 followers and I can’t message friends on there to tell them what has happened.

If any followers view my account maybe they could kindly leave a reply to this post and tell me how the account looks to them.

8 thoughts on “Twitter: Acid Mouse Party

  1. Hi Stephen. Thanks for getting in touch, hope you read this reply. As you may have seen, I submitted a written appeal. So it’s just a waiting game now but you might imagine thousands of accounts having this problem, being suspended for no good reason. The person you said was suspended for three weeks but got back in, I take it that must be like mine, a permanent suspension? Anyway, on my birthday today as well, I couldn’t see my balloons! Twitter are very difficult to engage with aren’t they but it’s nice to know some followers have made an effort on my behalf. The first few days I missed it like crazy but while I’ve got used to it, still can’t wait to be back with my friends.


  2. Hi Oliver,

    Been trying to bring this to Twitters attention along with @MagpiePaul37 to no avail.
    However, He’s followed someone who was suspended for 3 week so there is hope.
    Just thought I’d let you know and if you do create a new account give us a follow so we can follow back

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  3. Well I just got back from Stockport and wasn’t aware of these comments until now and would like to thank Jimbo, Dan, Sean and Mark for their words and because I cannot give any updates on Twitter I hope that you will return hear to read this and see that I have updated the post. And Callum, yes, you found me on the train!


  4. Ridiculous. Batter literally means severely defeat. It’s a British football term which clearly they don’t under and. Keep you head up and I hope you are ok.
    Create another account and I will follow.

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  5. Hello Oliver. Twitter is in the wrong here. Please make a new account, there are many people who will follow you again straight away mate. Hope you are ok, look forward to more polls.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. hope you are well oliver can’t believe twitter sometimes you have done nothing wrong. Just create another account and you will soon get your followers back all the best mate

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