Shots @ Barnet – 30 October, 2021

This game has a scheduled 5.20pm kick off time as it’s the chosen live National League fixture for BT Sport. As it’s on TV I thought I’d stay at home and watch it, then I realised I wouldn’t be able to make it for cash reasons so I won’t be there.

The last time I went it was a Tuesday night game about two years ago and not a pleasant experience.

Barnet FC seemed to think it was Tottenham and operated a way OTT security operation on us getting in, not just that they decided to close the stand we could have or would normally have had and instead put us in a corner and charged us twenty-two quid for the privilege.

The game was rubbish, we lost two-nil with, I forget who it was now, one of our forwards (bet it was Mullins) missing practically an open goal.

This led to me writing a pretty unfavourable, no, be honest, scathing match report which despite me not linking it, caused some buzz on the Bees forum.

First off I was surprised they even had a fans forum. Their home support and lack of singing is embarrassing and we outdid them even though Scotty L hadn’t bothered taking a drum.


Canons Park Underground Station on the Jubilee Line is a 5 minute walk from The Hive.

Turn left out of the station on Whitchurch Lane and after 200 feet the pedestrian entrance to The Hive will be on your right.

Queensbury Underground Station, also on the Jubilee Line, is a 10 minute walk from The Hive.

Turn left out of the station on to Turner Road. Walk to the end of the road, turn right and the entrance to The Hive will be across the road.

Edgware Underground Station on the Northern Line is about a one mile walk to The Hive.

The Hive Stadium was opened in July 2013 and is located in a pleasant setting, within a sizeable park/playing fields area, that also has a London Underground line running behind one side of the ground on a raised embankment. If walking down through the park towards the stadium from the direction of Canons Park Station, then you can also see the Arch over Wembley Stadium in the distance.

Both sides of the stadium have small electronic scoreboards mounted at the back. At the South End of the ground is the small covered Bees Terrace which is only a few rows high and has a capacity of 1,000. The Hive Stadium is completed with a set of odd-looking floodlights.


After spending 106 years at their old Underhill ground, the Club moved to the Hive Stadium in 2013. Originally envisioned as a site for a new ground for Wealdstone FC, Barnet were able to take over the project, when Wealdstone encountered financial difficulties. The Hive Complex which is also home to the Club’s training facility is situated in Edgware, which is just under six miles away from the site of the Underhill Stadium.

Away supporters are treated to their own bar within the stadium, which is located behind the North Stand. This spacious bar has a large screen showing Sky Sports. The bar is open throughout the game and for a short time after the final whistle. The only downside is that the beer is served in plastic glasses. And from my last experience the beer was just fizzy water. Unless it’s improved I wouldn’t bother.

The nearest pub is Moranos on Station Road, only a short walk from Canons Park Underground Station (come out of the station, turn right and it is in the row of shops further down on the right). This Irish themed wine bar is quite comfortable and has a number of large screens showing the early kick off on BT Sport. It is then only around a 10 minute walk to the away turnstiles, cutting through the playing fields.

Quite close to Kingsbury Tube Station there is a Wetherspoons pub called JJ Moons (which will be familiar to many who have travelled to Wembley Stadium which is not far away). If travelling on the Jubilee Line from Central London, then Kingsbury is only two stops before Canons Park. The address of the pub is 553 Kingsbury Road. Simply turn left out of the station and the pub is down on the left.

On the map above you can see other pubs in the surrounding area.


We have just lost our NINTH home game in a row and the whole atmosphere at our club is one of depression and uncertainty.

Calls for the board to resign, even calls on social media for Molesley and Brown to go despite them only being here five minutes.

Anyone who saw last night’s showing against Weymouth could be forgiven for asking if our players actually train at all because they looked like fucking strangers on the pitch.


This guy when he came on was the one breath of fresh air, ran at people, put in crosses, problem was our players hadn’t a clue up front about getting into the right positions.

Toure has been at Carlisle and Hartlepool and while he is not a prolific scorer of goals, he should be one of the first names on the team sheet.

Unlike this guy.


A liability we just can’t afford at the moment but what can Molesley do – throw in young Coulter?

Our defence is a shambles and worse still, soon as we concede the first goal, the heads go down.

Ah but wait! It’s Friday morning and Shots have brought in a goalie on loan AND his surname is Walker!


Straight into the team, baptism of fire, has to be.

But why has Molesley brought in so many midfielders but not addressed the obvious issues with the defence?

We are a dozen games in. A quarter of the season done. It’s grim but there is ample time for improvement and it’s not like we are cut adrift yet.

I would give it until Xmastime and see where we are at then.

In the meantime if we take fifty to Barnet we will be lucky. Worse still, they just won at Stockport whose remit was to sack their manager. Big Club Syndrome.

I will be one of many watching on BT Sport but that’s not because I want to stay away, it’s because right now I can’t afford it.

So let’s wish Mark and Terry well and the best of luck for Saturday. 🔴🔵

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