FA Trophy 4th Round: Shots 0-2 Bromley

This won’t take long.

Today was shit from start to finish.

From seeing the starting line-ups where Bromley fielded a weakened side and were up against arguably our best, what transpired was a shit-show right up there with our worst.

Looked at the team sheets and thought, they don’t want it.

On top of that, a feeble attendance of eleven hundred showed all that we didn’t.

At our level, this is about hard cash. It’s about giving your all to get more prize money the further you progress.

It was an even game until Bromley scored from a free-kick, then we changed formation, then took out best player off, then five minutes from the end we conceded again which was where a mass exit ensued and I was back at Aldershot station before five o’clock.

Only one chance really for us when Harry P got the ball just outside the six yard box but dithered and the chance was gone.

First half we laughed at the hundred or so Bromley fans.

At the end, I spoke to a few and applauded them.

At least they made an effort. We wouldn’t have scored if we’d played until midnight.


This was a day when “doo doo doo doo, fucking useless” applied to ourselves and not our opponents.

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