Why Early Doors is my favourite sitcom

Well first the good news. I’m not going to spend too much time in giving my reasons but more introducing my favourite clips and enjoying them again.

Early Doors is rather underrated in my opinion and like Fawlty Towers, where only a dozen episodes were made, I think this is a British classic.

It’s superbly written and typecast. Henshaw the ideal landlord and the regulars that trod The Grapes. The unlikely coppers. The missing chocolates. The day at the races. Tommy’s new job…

Even the theme tune is great. It’s called Small World and sung by Roddy Frame.

There are very few clips of Early Doors on YouTube. I’ve tried uploading before. You just get a copyright claim and can’t upload.

Then I thought – I’ve got a website. Why not write an article and post fave snippets for others to enjoy.

Yes that’s what I’ll do. A sort of top ten clips. Or more. Well see how it goes.

Anyway enjoy the videos and before you go, be sure to have a look at the out-take videos I’ve done at the end- they’re just as funny!


A sketch which debated organic food and the realisation that actually, while we’re all getting less, we’re paying more for it… I think…


While not rib-tickling, I like the quiz scene because of the interaction and sarcasm between everybody but moreover at the end when there are groans because Duffy puts Miss You Nights on the jukebox again. Poor Duffy, all out of love and heading home on his own with a Fray Bentos.


This is probably my numero uno. It’s Ken’s face as Phil takes out the king size Rizlas and then pulls out a block which is two ounces if it’s a day and rolls a spliff, as you do, in the line of duty,

“You got any Bob Marley?”

“They’re off their bloody tits!”


How this is played is great. Unless you’ve seen it already. Tommy’s chair is empty and the atmosphere is sad and you’re thinking it’s been the end for Tommy.

Until back he comes and they’re only talking about a bleedin’ tortoise!

And apparently you can’t replace a tortoise because no two tortoises look the same…


Everyone I know thinks this sketch is right up there with the best.

Do you like circuses?


“A grown man? Dressing up as a baby? What does he get out of that?”

“Two Farleys rusks and his arse wiped apparently”


Just a small compilation of clips from one of the series 2 episodes with the coppers on top form and you can see that Tommy is still working as a lollipop man.


From the first episode, Duffy enters the grapes with the Smiths classic playing on the jukebox.

If you’re of a young persuasion and don’t know what a jukebox is – Google it.


Joe nudges Duffy at the urinals to check out the Scottish fishing tackle while Phil and Nige recount a flashing tale to Ken which results in that classic line – “no – he was in a Ford Escort”.


In which Joan tells the rest of the pub a story about Giro Jim and a Chinese takeaway after Ken’s Mum shows Winnie a newspaper article…


In which Jean has a bag of Maltesers go missing. But it’s not just a bag. oh no… it’s a family bag!


The DvD set includes OUT-TAKES so to enhance this post I’ve added some favourite blooper footage.

11 thoughts on “Why Early Doors is my favourite sitcom

  1. I remember it now.

    Also, are you seeing all the videos okay?

    On Chrome it’s saying some are not uploaded and aborted.

    I know that’s not correct as I have seen them working okay before.

    I’m just going to try this URL on Firefox.


  2. Santiago? I’m still looking for that line about was he in a state of arousal, no he was in a taxi, something like that anyway 🤣🤣🤣


  3. Are you in the UK? I think this was late nineties so it’s kind of old now. But I’m adding clips as I go so do check back to have a look at the top ten as it unfolds, Sheree. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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