Notts County (A) – Matchday Post

MONDAY, 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2022 My first visit (incredibly) to Meadow Lane. Been to the City Ground a number of times in the past. Train tickets ✔️ Accomodation ✔️ Match ticket ✔️ Paid for match ticket over the phone and it’s to be collected at the hut behind the Jimmy Sirrell Stand. ACCOMODATION Hotel? Not Trivago. I’ve found to be the best for sourcing the … Continue reading Notts County (A) – Matchday Post

We don’t want to hear that!

I’m sure I speak for most when I say we are continually fed up, when on public transport, the constant sound of people playing smartphones (often at full volume) when we are forced to hear music (questionable these days IMO) and inane phone conversations. It’s unnecessary (get some earphones for £10), discourteous (we really don’t want to hear that) and disrespectful (this really impairs the … Continue reading We don’t want to hear that!


When we think of this tag it’s a far more broader church isn’t it. Interestingly, while researching this, in many lists online, Love Will Tear Us Apart didn’t feature at all though I’d consider it fits the bill. I’ll recognise it as a classic but won’t be nominating it as my ten will feature personal favourites. And I hope you will too! In fact the … Continue reading PunkAndNewWaveClassics