We don’t want to hear that!

I’m sure I speak for most when I say we are continually fed up, when on public transport, the constant sound of people playing smartphones (often at full volume) when we are forced to hear music (questionable these days IMO) and inane phone conversations.

It’s unnecessary (get some earphones for £10), discourteous (we really don’t want to hear that) and disrespectful (this really impairs the quality of our bus / train journeys).

My autism means that I have particular intolerance to high frequency (many of the smartphone reproduction is tinny and unbearable).

So after a summer full of instances like the one below, I’ve laid out plans that hopefully will end this locally and IF successful, I’ll use change org to petition every UK bus company to adopt a no-tolerance approach to audible music.

Now you will have heard me say that I recorded that. This was three gangsta-looking guys at the back of the bus. You wouldn’t be challenging them any time soon. However, they can get away with doing it because we have nothing to challenge them with. Remember before this smart technology? People didn’t take radios on buses and force us to listen to their choice of music. For one thing they’d be challenged by the driver.

Young rebellions in public bus, among polite citizens, making a chaotic atmosphere.

So I gave this a lot of thought and figured that on buses, we have signs (stickers) everywhere that say, for example, NO SMOKING OR VAPING. What do people do? They don’t smoke or vape.

With that in mind, all we REALLY need is for bus companies to produce this and help out an end to our misery once and for all.

I plan to approach our bus company here and if they take up this idea, I’ll start a change.org for signatures and see if we can’t petition bus companies UK-wide to implement the same.

It can be done. 👍

Trains have QUIET ZONES so why not buses?

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