Sparklehorse – Maria’s Little Elbows

Sometimes you may not be a fan of a band particularly but one of their songs hits you.

And when I make music videos it’s of special interest to me when there is no official music video available.

So for this song, Maria’s Little Elbows, I’ve once again scoured Youtube for movies pertinent to the theme that I like to match the lyrics.

So there’s all these clips I’ve edited in and synced to the music – for anyome who knows Sparklehorse and this song I’ve not left out the Texaco gas station! The lyrics will be underneath the video and if you enjoy my work. let me kmow on Twitter. It will only take four minutes of your time and it’s nice to receive feeback.

I take no credit for the content. But I will for the idea and the creation and the impeccable timing that I have.

I think this a sad song but there is a message of hope.

For lonely people and loneliness.

Whwn it comes kicking at your door,

Well, I bet my Maria’s got an elbow full of lonely
Now here’s a little prayer so that she might get some sleep
Don’t let her face be skinned by the sun today
Don’t let it in when it comes knocking at your door

Loneliness, loneliness
Loneliness, ah

Sometimes you feel you’ve got the emptiest arms in the world
Try to make sense, but it always comes out absurd
Sleeping horses keep eating up your flowers
Don’t let ’em in when it comes kicking at your door

Loneliness, loneliness
Loneliness, ah
Came kicking at my door

She said, “I’ve really come to hate my body
And all the things that it requires in this world”
I bet you’re out there getting drunk with all your friends
And it’ll get you in the bathroom of a Texaco

Loneliness, loneliness
Loneliness, oh
Came kicking at my door

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