Aldershot Town 0-1 FC Halifax Town

Like I’d been saying all week in the build up, lose today it doesn’t matter. But it was troubled waters for The Shots on the homecoming of Molesley and Brown. The rationale on “doesn’t matter if we lose today” being that this is a complete rebuild and a new chapter. Also that much of the half-decent side we had last term is gone so we … Continue reading Aldershot Town 0-1 FC Halifax Town


First impressions count. Having completed the Best Debut Album project which was ultimately won by Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, we now embark on debut singles. Twitter followers have been pitching their preferences and suggestions and with 256 places to fill, I’m throwing in a few curveballs myself, just to see how far they will go. Like this from The James Dean Driving Experience. What I’ve … Continue reading #BestDebutSingle

Shots 0 Spireites 2

As predictable as you like, the Shots stumbled to a first of many defeats of another season with The Clown fielding Phillips in midfield 🤔 and Edser in the back four. Jacob B-A has reappeared in our team 😮 while up front, to the casual fan even, two names you never heard of. Mind you there were other surprising scorelines across the National League with … Continue reading Shots 0 Spireites 2

How did Twitter get it so wrong?

Because only I know the meaning of my tweet that seemed to cause Twitter such offence and be deemed a violation of their rules, specifically ‘hateful conduct’. Or because in judgement, Twitter showed an extraordinary lack of insight apropos humour and irony – do judge for yourselves because I am at a loss; a loss that includes a seven day period of no account functions. … Continue reading How did Twitter get it so wrong?

Christchurch: Taproom and funfair visit

Christchurch in Dorset is just down the road. In fairness, at this time of the year you would expect to be on a beach, not visiting a previously unknown beer emporium, at least, not in the daytime. I had searched for craft ales in my area and found this place that had great reviews and opened at 11am. Time then for a sunbed first thing. … Continue reading Christchurch: Taproom and funfair visit