Notts County (A) – Matchday Post

MONDAY, 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2022 My first visit (incredibly) to Meadow Lane. Been to the City Ground a number of times in the past. Train tickets ✔️ Accomodation ✔️ Match ticket ✔️ Paid for match ticket over the phone and it’s to be collected at the hut behind the Jimmy Sirrell Stand. ACCOMODATION Hotel? Not Trivago. I’ve found to be the best for sourcing the … Continue reading Notts County (A) – Matchday Post

We don’t want to hear that!

I’m sure I speak for most when I say we are continually fed up, when on public transport, the constant sound of people playing smartphones (often at full volume) when we are forced to hear music (questionable these days IMO) and inane phone conversations. It’s unnecessary (get some earphones for £10), discourteous (we really don’t want to hear that) and disrespectful (this really impairs the … Continue reading We don’t want to hear that!

Punk And New Wave Singles – (My favourites and why)

Inspired by #Punktop16 on Twitter I’ve been minded to create my own punk and new wave favourites list which actually will be an A to Z rather than a 1 to 20 because I couldn’t rank them at all myself. In any event at the time of writing there are twenty-three but who’s counting! So I want to write about (if I can remember) where … Continue reading Punk And New Wave Singles – (My favourites and why)

Altygether Now: Shots@Altrincham

Tour Of Duty. It means if you’re Aldershot, you go. Reasonable excuses accepted. After suffering acute analgesia for the past few months I can be excused, however, it’s my intention to be at Altrincham. For me it’s also a venue that needs to be ticked off. WHEN: Saturday 26th March 2022, kick off 3pm WHERE: The J Davidson Stadium, Moss Lane, Altrincham I’d hope for … Continue reading Altygether Now: Shots@Altrincham

Why Early Doors is my favourite sitcom

Well first the good news. I’m not going to spend too much time in giving my reasons but more introducing my favourite clips and enjoying them again. Early Doors is rather underrated in my opinion and like Fawlty Towers, where only a dozen episodes were made, I think this is a British classic. It’s superbly written and typecast. Henshaw the ideal landlord and the regulars … Continue reading Why Early Doors is my favourite sitcom

Deep Space Rituals – Volume 12

Life Is… – RejuvinationClearing The Past – GenuineGrid One – ElegiaMother Earth – VibrronicsQuantum Limit (Symphony Of Love Remix) – Alien SignalSkin Deep (Global Communication Remix) – DuskyResonance – Substance & VainqueurNetherworld (Oliver Prime Remix) – L.S.G.Anjum – DiffaithCassiopeia – NailSunfruits Avenue – Aural Planet Running time: 78:52 In life, I do like a bit of everything. And with a name like Oliver, I always … Continue reading Deep Space Rituals – Volume 12