M100FS (Rock Version) – 98 – “The Saddest Song” – The Ataris

  The Ataris are an American rock band from Anderson, Indiana. Formed in 1996, they released five studio albums between 1997 and 2007. Their best-selling album is So Long, Astoria (2003), which was certified gold. Their high-charting single is the cover song “The Boys of Summer” from So Long, Astoria. Yes but on that album there’s this!  The Saddest Song is about a Dad and his … Continue reading M100FS (Rock Version) – 98 – “The Saddest Song” – The Ataris

M100FS (Rock Edition): 99 – “Let Go” – Frou Frou

As we’re at the very beginning of this countdown, can I just say that the M100FS stands for My 100 Favourite Songs? Thank you! So Imogen Heap first came to my attention when somewhere, sometime I got to hear Hide And Seek. I was taken. I’d not really heard any voice/synth stuff since O Superman! Which I think may have been Laurie Anderson (but don’t … Continue reading M100FS (Rock Edition): 99 – “Let Go” – Frou Frou

100 Favourite Songs (Rock Edition)

So this project finally comes to fruition although it’s not quite the end as there’s a pop version to be done too. I’m uncomfortable mixing everything together and after all, could you really have a chart where Savage Garden, for example, follow a Sonic Youth number?! Keane were another consideration as they could easily slide into the pop category. Originally the shortlist was over three … Continue reading 100 Favourite Songs (Rock Edition)

Who? Where? Why? – The Flying Lizards revisited

At least at the beginning, the Flying Lizards were not so much a band as an avant-garde experiment in Pop Music conducted by musical and visual artist David Cunningham and a rotating handful of experimental musicians. The Flying Lizards landed in the UK music charts in 1979 and were seen on TOTP performing a rather bizarre rendition of The Beatles song “Money”. They’d already had … Continue reading Who? Where? Why? – The Flying Lizards revisited

90’s Dance: Vol. 1 – Something Wonderful

The first in a series of ten mixes documenting the dance scene be it happy hardcore, techno, trance, acid house… classics and lesser-knowns fused together in a melee of mayhem. It’s nineties nostalgia at its finest. Loving the Cartouche – been a while since I heard that tune. Here’s the playlist. Something is about to happen – something wonderful. 1. FORCE LEGATO – System 2. … Continue reading 90’s Dance: Vol. 1 – Something Wonderful

Deep Space Rituals: 11

When I  mix electronic music. it’s like one big recipe book; the page is ‘space ambient’ but I;m looking for more succulent and filling ingredients. So I can fuse other styles, techno, bleeps. drops of acid here and there, atmospheric vibes. Number eleven in this series is yet another journey into the unknown. This mix is worth it for the Solar Fields track alone, an … Continue reading Deep Space Rituals: 11

Th’ Faith Healers and all things Too Pure

With Th’ Faith Healers remaining one of my finest loves and having recently been reunited with a long-lost Mouse On Mars number, I wanted to explore this Too Pure outfit in closer detail. I was aware that other stalwarts, PJ Harvey and Mclusky were on there but who else? That Mouse On Mars track was on this compo which I’ve just ordered from Discogs. Stereolab … Continue reading Th’ Faith Healers and all things Too Pure

Goal! A football songs top ten

The relationship between music and football has evolved over the years, but it’s fair to say the twin pursuits have always shared some common ground. Recently, we have seen the slow demise of the traditional FA Cup final song, in a move which has paralleled the decline of outlets like Top of the Pops on which to perform the music in question. From a Shots … Continue reading Goal! A football songs top ten

Way Back When: Snub TV

Circa late eighties and the hip things on the box for alternative music fans were Eurotrash, Rapido and,,, Snub, Snub TV was an alternative culture television program that aired from 1987 to 1989 as a segment on the Night Flight overnight programming on the USA Network and subsequently for three seasons on the BBC. So if like me you’d grown up under the aural guidance … Continue reading Way Back When: Snub TV

Tangerine Dream: The Pink And Virgin Years

The early seventies were a fertile period for progressively inclined musicians, with music being pushed into new frontiers, not just with new technology and production techniques, but with a mind-set about how that equipment could be used to create new sound. The music scene in Berlin was no exception, with the development of “Krautrock”, or more respectfully, “Kosmische Musik”. This was a genre that drew … Continue reading Tangerine Dream: The Pink And Virgin Years