There And Back Again Lane: Aldershot 2-2 Shrewsbury Town

The magic of the FA Cup. A lot of people say that magic has gone now, what with stagnated kick-off times appeasing the television conglomerates. The Shots’ FA Cup run of ’78/’79 is certainly one etched into the memory banks of those reading this now that are old enough to have been there. Shrewsbury Town eventually reached the quarter-final which was our ambition until… well. Malcolm Crosby may never be forgiven! Long before their infamous fifth round tie with Shrewsbury Town in February 1979, Aldershot’s best FA Cup run for 46 years could so easily have ended before it had … Continue reading There And Back Again Lane: Aldershot 2-2 Shrewsbury Town


    IN THE BEGINNING…   One man was instrumental in Aldershot forming a football club in 1926, Mr Jack White. White was a sports journalist working on national newspapers, upon moving to the area he starting discussing the forming of a club in the town with local businessmen. Little progress was made during a period of at least two years until he met with Aldershot Town Clark Mr Llewellyn-Griffiths, the two men together with local businessman and Chairman of the Hampshire F.A Mr Norman Clinton got to work. Progress now became swift and the Aldershot Football Club was formed in … Continue reading HISTORY


A town, a camp, and a parish in Hants, 34 miles from London, and 3 from Farnham. The town stands near the Basingstoke Canal, with stations on the L. & S.W.R. and S.E.R., and a post, money order, and telegraph office, with a sub-office at Aldershot Green, and also two banking offices. It suddenly rose from seclusion to importance by the formation of the neighbouring military camp. The town was made a Local Government District by the Act 20 and 21 Vict. c. 22, and is under the management of a Board of 12 members, 9 chosen by the ratepayers … Continue reading ALDERSHOT