No, lockdowns don’t work…

I think we’ve seen enough evidence now, in one year, to know that lockdowns don’t work. And they most certainly damage the country’s economy. Maybe we, the public have learned things about the virus along the way though it seems the government haven’t. There are so many opinions divided over Covid. It’s a deadly virus, we get that. It’s easily spread, we get that too. … Continue reading No, lockdowns don’t work…

REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: The Members vs Stray Cats

The things you learn, eh? All these years I just assumed that Stray Cats were from Brighton or some place, at the very least were English but no – four decades on and you learn that they were from a place called Massapequa – that’s Long Island, New York. Rewind a long long way back and I’m in a children’s home in Surrey and this … Continue reading REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: The Members vs Stray Cats

REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: All By Myself vs Honest Love

When I was youngI never needed anyoneAnd makin’ love was just for funThose days are gone I guess we call this a classic pop ballad. Almost all of us probably know those opening lines and it may also be one of those records you can remember buying or it reminds you where you were at the time or even who you were with. Living aloneI … Continue reading REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: All By Myself vs Honest Love

REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: Gene Vincent vs Cocteau Twins

Now I’m no fan of rock and roll by any stretch. But there are certain songs from the era I really like and their inclusion in this jukebox gives it more diversity for sure. Like many, my musical education was through the radio and John Peel who played an eclectic plethora of genre and sound. So I heard bits and pieces through the years and … Continue reading REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX: Gene Vincent vs Cocteau Twins

BIVOUAC: “Drank” (unofficial music video)

So the original video I produced for this song got lost somewhere in cyberspace. And I could no longer find the movies and documentaries I had previously used. But I discovered new material and this ended up primarily as an alcohol awareness film and I’m biased but this song is great and deserves to have an unofficial music video. When I make a themed video … Continue reading BIVOUAC: “Drank” (unofficial music video)

Aldershot Town 1-0 Notts County

Most people know my anti-Searle stance. I know I’m not in the minority either but today really isn’t a day to be banging on about that. The swift addition of a new goalkeeper certainly contributed to this win over Notts County. To win is one thing but to keep a clean sheet in the process is just as satisfying, yes? I followed the proceedings on … Continue reading Aldershot Town 1-0 Notts County

M100FS: 97 – “The Backyard” – Miracle Legion

A great fondness for this song. I think first united with it via one of Andy Kershaw’s old radio shows at the time. Smacks of summer, this and nostalgia but there’s a message within. Miracle Legion were a Connecticut-based band that immediately sprang to life on the heels of a post-R.E.M. guitar rock boom, chiefly because lead singer Mark Mulcahy’s voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Michael … Continue reading M100FS: 97 – “The Backyard” – Miracle Legion

FACup: 4th Rnd Q – Aldershot Town Vs Woking

Amicable my backside! 🤣 Anyway this was how we lined up today. Matt Jarvis. Remember him? Not so long ago he was in the same West Ham team as Stewart Downing. McCormack starts for us and it looks a strong front three. The strong two below were watching from the States, Orlando to be exact and they agreed that this happy snap could be shown … Continue reading FACup: 4th Rnd Q – Aldershot Town Vs Woking