Barnet (Edgeware) 2 Shots 0


Barnet climbed into the National League play-off places as they extended their unbeaten run to six games with victory over Aldershot Town.

Ephron Mason-Clark slipped in Wes Fonguck after half an hour for the best chance of the first half but Shots goalkeeper Mitchell Walker was equal to the effort.

Barnet went ahead two minutes after the half-time break when Charlee Adams played Mason-Clark through on goal and he burst past a defender before rifling beyond Walker into the top corner of the net.

After 56 minutes it was two for the home side when Fonguck picked the ball up 25 yards out and curled a superb strike into the top corner.

Harry Panayiotou wasted a great chance to get Aldershot back into the game with 20 minutes remaining when Jack Powell picked him out in the box but he sliced horribly wide.


Sat on the 22:35 London Waterloo to Poole train and time to reflect on all that I just witnessed. And I’m not just talking about our team’s performance; if you could call it that – other adjectives are available.

I mean the OTT security at a ‘football stadium’ that attracts around 1000 fans in comparison to Aldershot where we don’t encounter an episode of Stop, Search, Sieze. about.

No need for the military-style operation or the abruptness from stewards that came across (and not only to me).

Though previous readers of this report will notice that I removed the beer bottle fiasco. In fairness I was as much to blame and the stewards were simply doing their job.

My reaction on the night was OTT and I’m afraid my chagrin went to press

However, awful ground I thought and no fans, what an embarrassment and Cockwomble officials, almost as bad as the official in the middle tonight eh?

Not that Barnet really needed the help that he gave them first half because we never turned up after the interval and were caught cold just after the break, one in which I parted with the standard amount of four quid for a measure of John Smiths in the Legends that clearly must have been bereft of any alcohol. double-o-lol

Mitch kept us in it first half anyway saving twice in as many minutes but we weren’t too bad, somewhat delusionally I thought we could win tonight.

But my suspicions were proved right when I predicted we would win up at Stockport (on the back of them getting a pasting at Chorley) so in retrospect, Barnet had just beaten Maidenhead and… well, I reckon that Stockport result just papered over the cracks temporarily.

I have no idea what happened second half. We were off the pace, lost confidence and seemed to accept Barnet’s attacking game and, rolling over would maybe be too harsh but we were lacklustre compared to the first 45 when fans around me were saying it was a nil-nil candidate.

Scott on the drums was magnificent again and is the heart and soul of the singers who I am sure appreciate his efforts. More so with Elvis not being there tonight.

£2 more they charged us to go in that stand (Block F I was in) when they had barely 200 in the end we SHOULD have been in behind the goal. This was done apparently so they didn’t have to open their home end! Utter joke it was, though results-wise Shots have never fared well either there or at Undertakers or whatever their old dungeon was called.





The two gents who left ten minutes before the end like I did and travelled back to Waterloo on the tube were also concerned that these next two home games are ones where we might only gain one point.

Then there’s the growing problem of me going to games as I have not seen us win yet! Should I be staying at home to see if fortunes improve? Am I jinxing things?

But I love games home or away and I’ve nothing much better to spend my money on than this football club that is etched in my veins.

i might run a poll on Twitter – who votes I stop going to games?! hehe

We were also chatting about Searle and how we might actually be doing better under Waddock – surely if we’re not climbing up the table by Christmas he’ll be a goner.

There’s a Sol Campbell thread on ShotsWeb. Well I wouldn’t say no and as Danny Hylton ain’t getting gigs I’d be ringing up Luton Town and all.

Anyway, will soon be home, maybe around midnight and I’ll press this and link it to the forum. Will definitely be there for the Yeovil game but if the weather is as promising as currently forecast for Saturday, I can see me doing other things and in the current climate, you must SEE that me not going is gonna increase our chances of winning our first home of the season!

Thanks for reading this and as CTS is gaining recognition now amongst fans, do come back to read more and more!


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  1. Ah, didn’t know that. And I was so harsh on your fans too. Most accept that on your forum that I read, just sour grapes from me and I did edit the article to agree that the stewards were just doing their job.


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